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Thank you so much for your prompt service! I called, and you showed up within two days. After only one application.

Mrs. Fontana
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Athletic Field Services
Athletic Field Services

Athletic Field Services

Core Aeration 

We use a hollow cored tine, tractor-mounted aerator to remove 4-inch plugs from the play surface, in order to relieve soil compaction and lessen the thatch layer This process encourages deeper root growth and improved penetration of water, air, and nutrients.

Deep Tine Aeration

Deep Tine Aeration uses a tractor-mounted aerator that makes use of a solid core tine that penetrates the play surface to a depth of 12 inches and fractures the sub soil. This service is very valuable on play fields that do not have irrigation or have an extremely compact soil structure. Deep Tine aeration greatly improves drainage and helps to reduce standing water on milti-use athletic fields.

Top Dressing

Top dressing is the process of adding compost, soil or sand to existing turf to improve grass quality.  Compost and other soil amendments add organic matter, improving soil structure and biology, while helping with water penetration, compaction and promoting over-all  turf quality. Aeration of the turf at this time will aid in the incorporation of new materials into the soil and reduce layering.

Slit Seeding

We use a tractor mounted slit seeder which cuts grooves in the soil and deposits grass seed that is specific to your play field conditions. The seed is covered with top soil and tamed back in to place. Used in conjunction with core aeration this service is used to thicken existing turf grass to provide a much less expensive alternative to sod.

Custom Fertilization Programs

Marshall Landscape customizes its athletic field fertilization programs based on soil testing results, and soil conditions at your specific play fields. We can customize a program to fit into your level of maintenance and meat your budget constraints, in order to give you the best field conditions possible.

Turf Blankets

Our turf blankets are used during the off season months to protect new seed, while allowing water and sunlight in to promote seed germination and early spring green-up. Available in any size from goal mouths to entire soccer fields our blankets can lengthen the playing season.

Ball Diamond Renovations

Marshall Landscape will bring your ball diamonds back into your leagues specifications. We remove any lips that have formed along base lines, install sod along damaged areas; install red clay or gravel in baselines, and infields, we also build warning tracks. Call us today and let us help you with your renovation needs and we will work with  your budget and specific needs  to give a major league diamond.

Drain Tile installation

Installation of certified  playmat materials

Vegation control applications

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